In this post we’ll see how to bundle multiple PCF controls in one single Power Apps solution. This technique can be used to distribute a suite of controls for example.


Multiple controls in a single PCF project are not fully supported by Microsoft’s tooling. The pcf-scripts start command for example won’t allow you to specify the control to test. Fortunately, adding multiple PCF project references to a single solution is fully supported and that’s how we can bundle several controls in one single solution.

Our repo will have the following structure:

|__ Control1 <- PCF Project folder
  |__ Control1.pcfproj
|__ Control2 <- PCF Project folder
  |__ Control2.pcfproj
|__ Solution <- Power Apps solution folder
  |__ Solution.cdsproj <- Contains references to Control1\Control1.pcfproj and Control2\Control2.pcfproj


  • node.js
  • Microsoft Power Platform CLI
  • .Net 5 or later SDK


First, create a root directory samples-pcf-multicontrols. Then, create a Control1 folder inside samples-pcf-multicontrols and create a PCF project inside it:

mkdir samples-pcf-multicontrols
cd samples-pcf-multicontrols
mkdir Control1
cd Control1
pac pcf init --namespace WWW --name Control1 --template field --run-npm-install

When in the samples-pcf-multicontrols folder, repeat the same actions to create a Control2 folder and create a second PCF project inside it:

mkdir Control2
cd Control2
pac pcf init --namespace WWW --name Control2 --template field --run-npm-install

In samples-pcf-multicontrols, create a Solution folder and create a solution project:

mkdir Solution
cd Solution
pac solution init --publisher-name Wawawum --publisher-prefix WWW

Last step consists of adding references to the PCF projects:

pac solution add-reference --path ..\Control1
pac solution add-reference --path ..\Control2

The solution is now configured and points to the two projects. To build it and generate the solution zip file you can use the following command:

dotnet build

The solution file will be available in samples-pcf-multicontrols\Solution\bin\Debug.

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