Resetting Windows 8

This is my first post about Windows 8 and you can’t imagine at which point I am excited about this new product of Microsoft. My first impression of this preview is very good. So I decided to write about the History feature but I am totally unable to clear the settings I’ve just play with it. My first idea was to format and reinstall Windows but I search a “Reset” option and guess what? It exists. So let’s look this feature.

Opening the Control Panel

First step is opening the Control Panel. I’m discovering the product while writing these lines so I don’t know what is the most efficient way to open the Control Panel. Personally I use the Windows key on my keyboard then I tap “Recovery”. You can notice that the search box automatically appears when tapping a text with the keyboard. In the right search pane I select “Settings” to display items of the Control Panel. The first result is the good one.

Windows 8 Recovery - Control Panel

Update: the easy way to access the reset feature

You can reset your computer directly from the Metro UI. To do this, open the Control Panel from the Metro UI, then select the General Section. You will find a Reset option. By the way you can notice that the green bar of the recovery tool is more adapted to the Metro UI than in Desktop Mode.

 Reset your computer Metro UI

The Recovery Window

In the Recovery Windows you can now select the “Reset” option. What this feature does exactly? It enables you to delete all your personal stuff. Thanks to this you can easily reset your computer before selling it for example. This option is easier than formatting and reinstalling your computer. Nonetheless I’m wondering if this feature is secure or not? It would be interesting to check what files are exactly deleted.

Windows 8 Recovery - Recovery Window

Recovery Tool

 Then a Metro style Window asks from which drive you want to remove the files. You can choose between the disk where Windows is installed or all drives. I wish we can choose specific drives.

Windows 8 Recovery - Recovery Tool

Then another screen asks you for a confirmation. The PC is now restarting. Notice : you must have the installation media in order to perform this operation.


In my case the operation does not perform well since I needed to format and reinstall the system which refused to boot after the restart. I don’t retry and assume this is a bug of this preview on my environment. We can be sure that Microsoft will fix this in the next releases.

My first impression about this feature was pretty good but finally I think it will be used only by few users. I mean, you need the installation media to perform a reset and it takes the same amount of time than totally reinstalling the system with a USB key (10 minutes in my case). I think this feature would be great if the installation media wasn’t asked.


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