Ribbon Customization – Refreshing Changes

I’m working these days on a project which require to customize the SharePoint Ribbon. I apply the practice of using the existing items of the CMLDUI.XML file and that works great.

Nonetheless I always have the same problem : refreshing my changes. I was unable to see my changes on Internet Explorer. I was able to see only the first version of my deployment. Even deleting the temporary internet files didn’t work for me. My solution was to use Google Chrome and deleting its cache every time I deployed a new version of my package.

Today I noticed that Internet Explorer doesn’t delete all the files in its temporary folder when you use the “Internet Options” window. So you have to open your temporary internet files folder and delete all the files yourself. Et voilà, your changes are now displayed.

Another solution : you can delete the files beginning by “commandui.ashx” in your temporary internet files folder. This way you keep your Internet cache and you refresh only your ribbon customizations.